"Be yourself; everybody else is already taken" Oscar Wilde



Born in Toronto, Cathy studied Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art where she graduated with honours in 1994. Time there was spent developing traditional art skills.

For the past 20 years she has lived in South Western Ontario where she painted and exhibited her art.

Recently she moved to Ancaster where she spends her time painting mixed media abstracts on paper or canvas.


Artist Statement:


I wanted to be an artist very early on.  I saw a woman painting at Wasaga Beach when I was 9 years old and I was smitten.

​My early learning involved painting and drawing and always taking inspiration from the figure or landscape.  Then at OCA I was introduced to abstract painting and that changed everything.


I love the idea of creating a piece from nothing and find it can be very challenging. All painting whether it is representational or abstract is the arrangement of shapes, value and colour on a surface. In abstract work you must work back and forth until you reach some sense of balance or completeness and you must do it without the usual clues of landscape, objects or figure.  It simply must come from within. Underneath the finished painting, there are several paintings the viewer doesn’t see. All those buried layers represent many decisions that the artist has made.


Someone once said “All paintings are never really finished – they just stop in interesting places”.

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