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As a child I loved drawing and I knew I wanted to be an artist. I didn’t call it that – I just wanted to draw and colour. I wanted to represent the world around me my way.


​Early on I happily studied traditional ways of making art. I attended and graduated from the Ontario College of Art (OCA) and I am grateful for the many lessons I learned there.


At OCA I met a teacher who introduced me to abstract painting and that changed everything. Now I could create art completely from my imagination. How exciting – how freeing that was and I was smitten. This is how I create my paintings today.


Mine is a process of exploration. I set out in a particular direction and I see where it takes me. Every canvas – every piece of paper is new opportunity. If I knew the outcome I wouldn't do it. I want to experience something new each and every time for myself and for the viewer too. I don’t want to answer all the questions. I want to leave something for the viewer to discover for themselves.


I also love to travel and I travel the way I paint – exploring. One summer I caught a plane to the south of France and studied art for 6 weeks in the town of Lacoste. The rest of the summer I spent wandering Europe and experiencing the great museums. A joyful, freeing time which I believe continues to influence my art.


I’ve also come to understand I bring a certain attitude – point of view – energy – and visual language to my work. The way I use paint, make marks, choose colours and arrange elements on the page are unique to me and make my art mine. Artists call this showing up in the world as you are and I’m happy to do that.


I prefer acrylic paint as I love the immediacy and flexibility of the medium. It dries quickly and allows me to be free in the application of the paint. I like to work quickly with many pieces on the go at one time. I work on paper, canvas or wood panel.

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